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Pokemon Art Trade - Almy-Nol by Tigryph Pokemon Art Trade - Almy-Nol by Tigryph

This dapper fellow belongs to :iconalmy-nol: ! I thought it would be a lot of fun to take her up on her offer to do an art trade and to trade Sylveons. XD This fellow is her concept of what a male Sylveon should have looked like in Pokemon X and Y! I dunno if he's got a name but he was a lot of fun to doodle. ;3; Thank you for the art trade! I had a blast. X3

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Almy-Nol Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016
Oh my goodness!!! I actually saw this in my inbox only yesterday because I wasn't on my laptop much this weekend, so sorry for the late comment...

But anyway, this is amazing! You made him look better than I ever could, and the moveset is a perfect touch! He looks great! I sincerely appreciate the effort you put into this, and in such a short time too! I feel slow now because I'm still on the rough sketch for Puck ^^; Thank you very much! I will do my best to complete my part of the trade this week. :hug:

Now that you mention it, this guy DID have a name for like 2 seconds, but it's been such a long time that I completely forgot it. However looking at him after so long, he seems to look like a "Julian" or something. Who knows. 
Tigryph Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha no worries! I totally understand xD it was a crazy weekend on this end too!

I'm glad you like it! ;; I realize I forgot a blue stripe xD I can go back and fix that and add his name! :3 I don't mind at all. Let me know if there is any tweaking that you would like xD

Hopefully grump butt isn't giving you an issue xD he can be difficult sometimes.
Almy-Nol Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2016
Nah, it's all good. It's perfect the way it is! :heart: Grump butt isn't giving me any trouble. I'm working on the lineart now, so making progress! Still though, you did your part insanely fast. If only I could borrow your speed for a moment! XD
Tigryph Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad! ;; Let me know if you change your mind! I kept the PSD just in case. :3

XDD I take a while to do stuff, I just draw pokemon easier than most things. >>a I kind of love them. xD
Almy-Nol Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016
Yeah, same goes for me too. Pokemon is really all I know. I like drawing them with my own little twist. XD 

Don't worry about it, I love it as it is and saved in a special folder on my desktop. I'll be looking at that for a long time! :) I've always admired your work from afar and it was great to finally have a chance to trade with you. I'm sorry my part is taking so long but I want to make sure it's the best I can do.
Tigryph Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
They're really fun ;; I've been drawing them for quite a while. >A> THey're just interesting and they give you something to play around with XD

LOL I'm glad that you like it so well! We'll have to do more doodles together! I'd love the excuse to do more pogeys >3 We could always do interaction trades too XD Those are great fun.

 ;3; And no worries at all! XDDD I trust you!
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