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Mom is doing so much better! She went out to get something to eat this weekend and has been moving around a lot more. She's, of course, pushing herself to work again. Mom's really not the kind of lady that just sits idly at all. Even the few days she was in bed she wasn't happy about it. I think the rest was needed and while her back still hurts quite a lot, she's a little better after having slept for several days. Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers!
First, before I give any kind of an update on my own situation, I need to ask for prayers. My mom woke up this morning unable to move.  She crawled to the bathroom then crawled into her office, hoping to clock on and start her work day. She thought it was just a tweak in her back but when she tried to stand up to get into her chair the pain was too much. My dad was at work at the time, so my mom had to resort to calling for her neighbor.  Ray (our neighbor) found mom at the top of the stairs in a good deal of pain. He called an ambulance and she was taken to the hospital.

She has an enlarged disk at the base of her spine that's causing her a -lot- of pain and immobility. The doctors sent her home with medication with the order to rest and keep medicated. Physical therapy and a steroid shot are her current options right now and if they don't work she will be in need of surgery. We didn't hear about this until I had gotten home from work. When we went to see her Mom was laying in the guest room propped up by pillows. She looked so tired and defeated it was really hard to see. Dad took next week off to watch over her but he has to work this weekend. I'll be spending time with her starting tomorrow after work to make sure that she's doing alright, getting her medication, and getting any help that she might need.

If you're the praying sort, please keep her in mind. She's such a strong person and my personal hero. Mom has lived a very hard life and has suffered through persecution for her ethics, her beliefs, and everything else you could imagine. Mom served in the military as a jet engine mechanic and her hands were mangled as a result. She's had so many knee surgeries that her legs are bowed and constantly cause her a lot of pain but she still gets out and plays soccer because it's something that she truly enjoys. I look at her and all the pain she goes through and I look at my own situation as so small. I ache a little when I do what I love but my mom suffers through her hobbies and still finds a way to smile about it. She's been pushing herself too hard lately. She lost her retirement after working for the school district. The people she worked for pushed her to the breaking point and it cost her. It'll be another decade or so before she can retire and she's already so tired. She works day and night, on her days off, from dawn to dusk, and even off the clock. She's constantly pushing herself to illness. She's always tired, always dragging. When she isn't working for her job she's working at home and since I moved out she has very little help. I go over when I can to help but I can't always make it over to give her a hand.

Now she's laying in bed, barely able to move. She can't work, she can't go play soccer, she can't even get up to make sure the house is cleaned up to her liking. It's very hard... and she needs help.

I really don't feel like getting into my own situation, but I do owe everyone an update. I went into my first physical therapy session and got some stretches and advise. My right wrist is 20 degrees weaker in rotations than my left which is about 10 degrees weaker than average. The PT will be looking into extending my sessions to twice a week. The problem is deep in my right elbow in the ulnar tendon. My ring and pinky finger are starting to claw a little and I've lost a lot of strength of grip. It'll be a slow recovery, if any, but looking at my mom's condition it feels like such a small thing.

I also found that my cholesterol is high. I'm about 30lbs over-weight but hardly obese so it came as a shock. My doctor thinks that stress is contributing to it but I honestly don't know how I can reduce that in my life. I'm trying to get out and walk or jog twice a day rather than once (most days I walk to work) and I've started to alter my diet. Little things like almond milk instead of normal milk and portioning things differently.  I may have to apply for food stamps because of this because I'll have to buy groceries for two different diets. My sister has a hard time eating fruits and veggies so to make ends meet, I've given up buying a lot of greens. We'll need food that she can eat for her health and food I can eat for my own. I'm also starting a porch garden to help me grow some fresh foods to help with the bills but I'll need a little help until I can get full time. That won't happen until my boss is certain that my health won't be a factor.

God may be doing something more in my life. I look back and realize that if I hadn't broken down over the baking counter, I never would have found my current job. If I hadn't found my current job I would be a wreck still. Emotionally, I wasn't doing well. I felt like I had hit a wall in my life. I didn't feel like I could go out and find another job. Mom was the one that cornered my current boss and jokingly suggested he hire me. He took her up on it and gave me the job I have now. My having this job has led to the employment of another friend under him, who had moved away to escape a complicated family situation.  Maybe Mom's injury is saving her as well. Perhaps God is forcing her to rest. She has been having heart trouble due to anxiety and stress. The doctors have been very worried about pain in her chest and the lack of sleep lately. It might be that this is God's way of saving her from something worse...

Whatever is going on now, God is good. God gives us our health and he takes it away. We'll never know why things happen. We get a glimpse of them looking back after we've walked beyond the pain a few paces but there's always more than what we're seeing.

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Commissions & Trades I'm waiting on: 

Some of these are pretty recent but there are a few that are slowly gathering dust. I'm leaving them up as a reminder to myself (and hopefully the other artists involved). 

At this point...these sit here as "Buyer Bewares": 

:bulletblue: Two character full body lineart from :iconhoneyroastedferrets: - My end of the trade is complete as of September 14, 2009

:bulletblue: Five Chibis from :iconmalisjuju: - Paid on December 29,2012 | 1/5 received |

Latest ParaChiMar Artwork:

 Thalion Koi by Saimain

Seriously! How beautiful is this?! I cannot thank :iconsaimain: enough for giving Thalion some life this year. He's one of my oldest, most dear characters and she's captured him perfectly. Thank you so much! ;A; He's stunning!

Legacy of Para group on DA!

:iconbluekillerdonkey: and myself decided it's about time we start up a group for ParaChiMar: The Legacy of Para. For those interested this group is pretty much just a good place to dump all of our LoP artwork, trades, commissions, and fanart into. I've also made a small stamp collection to celebrate. Check us out. :3


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